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Since establishing in 2012, Medicalwriters.com has become the multi-disciplinary medical communications partner of choice for major pharmaceutical companies across the globe. In fact, we just hit our 1,000-project milestone. That’s a lot of happy clients. But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at a selection of recent work. We’ll let our clients do the talking.

Janssen: Empowering MSLs with an impactful scientific storytelling tool to drive HCP engagement

“Our MSLs reported that this format is very effective in the field. They really like it, finding it to be a more professional content tool – more visually appealing and easy to navigate through while presenting to HCPs. In fact, now they want all presentations to look like the FaST Deck! As a result, we’re adopting the FaST Deck format across the organization. It has really improved our interactions with HCPs.”

Rajvir Amin, PharmD, RPh
Associate Director, Medical Information

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Novo Nordisk: Helping HCPs keep up to date – fast

“Now our product extenders look so much nicer. They’re a different level of quality. We achieved what we set out to do. Now we are only working with these formats for our publication extenders. I couldn’t imagine having a publication plan now without extenders. They’re an integral part of publication planning.”

Louise Ostergaard, PhD
Global Publications Director, Novo Nordisk

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Takeda: An innovative, multi-use training program

“The Maribavir Master Program is easy to use and navigate, with beautiful visuals and interactive features that everyone loves using. The feedback has been very positive due to its simplicity and the fact that it helps aid content retention. Now we’ve started down the path of virtual and self-learning, the time and cost reduction, and logistic simplicity (no travel, no accommodation, no venues, etc.) make the approach very appealing. Everything is included in the FaST Deck. I think it will set the standard for medical training in the coming years.”

Roberto Mutis, MD
Global Director Medical Affairs & Scientific Training Lead, Takeda

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Novartis: going beyond the traditional slide deck with an interactive learning tool.

“We’ve never had anything like that before. The response has been very positive. The Scrollable is easier to pick up and digest. It is a better training experience. As a first introduction to the label, it’s much easier to get into than reading the SmPC or a slide deck, as it appeals to the explorative nature of people.”

Martijn Moransard, PhD
Director, Medical Training EMEA, Novartis Gene Therapies

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Violeta Pukaite

Biogen: Reinventing advisory board meetings during a pandemic.

“Medicalwriters.com were fantastic. They were like an extension of my team. Always available, reassuring, helpful and highly professional. I wish I could always have this team for my daily work!“

Violeta Pukaite, MD
Director, Medical International Partner Markets, Biogen

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ITP: Developing Treatment Guidelines for a Rare Blood Disorder.

“Medicalwriters.com did a great job of keeping the 22 different authors organized. This is not like a normal journal manuscript. Guidelines are incredibly difficult to write. It’s a distillation of all of the medical data into something that’s practical and readable.”

Dr. Drew Provan
Leading ITP expert
Barts & The London School of Medicine

Why Dr Provan worked with us
Dr. Martina Cartwright

Cassiopea: Successful Pre‑Launch for New Acne Therapy.

“Medicalwriters.com recognizes the difference between the Medical Affairs and commercial sides. They truly understand the delineation of roles within a pharmaceutical company.“

Martina Cartwright, MD
Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Cassiopea

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Brainwork: Enabling Conversations in Neurology, One Doctor at a Time

“The Medicalwriters.com team understood our vision and executed against it flawlessly. Together, we are creating a community of like-minded experts to share, collaborate and grow the body of knowledge so critical to the field of neurology,” Dr. Nedeltechev said. “Brainwork is a harbinger of social sharing in the medical profession. We want to enable this dialogue among healthcare professionals so that everyone can learn.”

Krassen Nedeltchev, MD
Chairman, Dept. of Neurology & Founder, Brainwork

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Baxalta: 3 Day Immunology Training Course

“I was really impressed by the level of knowledge, the meeting of deadlines, management of communications with thought leaders. The slides were comprehensive, and the illustrator did a fantastic job as well. It was a very successful project with very little headache. Medicalwriters.com made the process very smooth.”

Nikolai Nikolov, MD, MBA
Regional Medical Affairs Head, Baxalta

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Smith & Nephew: Presenting With Purpose in Orthopedics – The Smith & Nephew Way

“The team at Medicalwriters.com are not only smart and creative, but they are incredibly genuine and uniquely flexible in their servicing style. We worked collaboratively on very short timelines to create something that neither of us had created before. That takes a lot of patience and trust and these human factors in our business can be hard to find.”

Kelly Sealey
Program Manager, Professional Education at Smith & Nephew

How we helped Smith & Nephew

Rapid Recert: An Online Medical “Study Buddy” for ABOG Recertification

“It is rare to find a medical communications partner that is, at the same time, impeccably organized, as well as agile and flexible. In addition to their seamless writing process, the content quality of the work is nothing short of outstanding; you can tell they have a very solid understanding of science and medicine.”

Gary Grosel, MD
Medical Director InPatient Care Management at UnitedHealth Group, Co-Founder Rapid Recert

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INGID: E-learning course

“We found Medicalwriters.com very responsive to our needs, very adaptable and also, when we had questions or delays, we felt that nothing was a big problem. This was great for us, and made it much easier to realise such a complex project. This eLearning module is new for INGID, and this is our first effort in setting this up. As a result of doing it with Medicalwriters.com, and the feedback we have got from our members, we would be looking forward to publish more medical education eLearning courses in the future.”

Mary Louise Daly
INGID Board Member

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