Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Day

Tomorrow, June 25th, is the first ever Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Day, organised by the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society. It’s a day where patients, care givers, researchers and society members can come together to share their experiences, to learn about MS and to discover how the Swiss MS Society can offer support each and every day.

What is MS?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that damages the fatty material called myelin, which is wrapped around your nerves in the central nervous system. Because of the damage, the nerve cells cannot properly communicate with one another, and the signals between the brain and the rest of the body do not travel correctly anymore. Symptoms can vary massively between patients and may include problems with muscle control, balance, vision or speech.


The exact cause of MS remains unknown, but there are many ongoing studies on genetic and non-genetic risk factors, including exposure to viruses, vitamin D levels, smoking and obesity.

Although there is no cure for Multiple Sclerosis at this time, substantial research on this disease is underway. In addition, with the help of various societies, including the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society, and better treatment options than ever before, quality of life is improving for many MS patients.

Swiss MS Registry

A vital aspect of performing impactful research on the topic of MS is to have good knowledge on the epidemiology of the disease in any given region of the world. Whilst Switzerland has very active ongoing research on MS, a national registry did not, until now, exist. In 2013 the Swiss MS Society partnered with the University of Zurich to initiate and fund a national MS registry for Switzerland.

The goal of the registry is to gather information about MS patients throughout Switzerland, in order to provide a knowledge base that informs both patients and healthcare professionals about strategies for evidence-based and patient-centred care.

Multiple Sclerosis is a variable condition and is different for everyone who has it. Because it is so different for each person, it is important that MS patients share their stories with each other and the public. The collection of these stories are also a part of the new MS registry, and the celebration of the stories will be a part of Swiss MS Day.

«The fate and path of every MS affected person is important to truly understand Multiple Sclerosis. Hence the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society and the EBP Institute (University of Zurich) will launch the Swiss MS Registry at the first Swiss MS Day in Zurich. The Swiss MS Registry was developed in close collaboration with those who have MS, as well as with medical professionals, in order to improve their quality of life and to one day succeed in finally beating MS.»

Christoph LotterVice Director, Swiss Multiple Sclerosis Society

Swiss MS Day

In celebration of the new registry, the Swiss MS Society is hosting a daylong event dedicated to MS on Swiss MS Day, Saturday, June 25. The first annual national Swiss MS day will showcase the variety of areas the society is working on each day: leisure and quality of life, education and work, therapy and life improvement and knowledge and research. The event will be packed with information and services, special guests, entertainment and hosted by former Miss Switzerland, Christa Rigozzi. The event is free of charge and the agenda, along with other information, can be found on the Swiss MS Society’s website. is the communications partner for the Swiss MS Society. We are proud to support their hard-work and effort to help those with MS throughout Switzerland.

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