Skills of our medical writers

What skills are most important to our medical writers?

We have asked our medical writers what skills have been most important to them in their medical writing career. Here are some of the answers they came back with:

  1. “It is a job that needs passion! As a medical writer I am in close contact with inspiring scientists and dedicated researchers to help tell their stories. It gives me tremendous pleasure to capture information from passionate people and then writing copy that captures the reader.”
  2. “By being very thorough and by questioning things that do not make sense to me, I have often functioned as an additional quality assurance step. My clients are always very grateful if flaws can be corrected before their document is submitted.”
  3. “Excellent citation skills are important. Citation is not simply a task that must be done to acknowledge the relevance of the work of others. More importantly, if used correctly, it can be used as a great tool for persuasion.”
  4. “Solid interviewing and project management skills!”
  5. “It is essential to have a clinical background. I often work closely with clinical publication teams. You have to be good at translating scientific data on big tables into well-written paragraphs.”
  6. “Translating statistical findings in a way that makes sense to non-statisticians is a challenge that must be mastered by a medical writer. The collection of data represents an incredible investment to our clients. Our goal is to help the data tell its story.”
  7. “It takes a lot of experience in the healthcare industry to ensure that the piece you are writing is aimed at the reader and the sponsor. You need to understand what the reader would be interested in accomplishing with the document and what the sponsor wishes to convey.”

About Frank Waaga

Frank has a passion for medical communications and over 12 years of experience providing professional and reliable support to product teams in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industry.
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  1. rita
    rita says:

    I don’t really know if this is based on chronological order or on the most frequent skill considered by the majority of medical writers. However, in my opinion, i really “like” that passion is listed as the first requirement. I also like to add that it takes a certain skill of “wording” to provide an influential message to the targeted population without compromising the genuine and real goal of it.


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