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Outsmart your competition by engaging your clients with great content!

If you are not in the publication business, it can be a big undertaking to launch your own title for your customers or members. Some companies fully understand the value of integrating a magazine into their marketing mix and one of the core services of Medicalwriters.com  is to provide compelling content to inform and engage their customers — and to motivate them into action.

As an external content marketing partner, Medicalwriters.com ensures that the quality of the articles are meeting the demands of a highly specialised audience. As an example, we are producing very specialised content that targets orthopaedic surgeons, trauma surgeons, OR managers, OR nurses, anaesthetists and hospital administrators.

By creating tailor-made medical content for these groups, we not only ensure that readers are ‘edutained’ with interesting articles related to orthopaedics, we also contribute to a more positive image of the company and it’s products.

Getting the attention of your customers can be very challenging. We all spend more and more time online in the search for engrossing entertainment, streetwise bargains and useful information that can help us in our daily life. All brands want to attract and engage current and potential customers. But brands are often not strong enough to cut through the white noise. This is especially true for healthcare brands. A simple, but proven, solution is the customer magazine.

Although many companies are shifting towards online magazines, paper still ‘feels’ better to most readers, and holds a much stronger position in terms of reach and average reading time. It is therefore advisable to provide the magazine both in print and electronically.

Research by the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA) 1 shows that customer magazines are the ideal way of mentioning a company website, referring to exhibits, stimulating website visits, linking to a company’s products and exploring market research.

This UK study proved that companies that publish customer magazines have more profitable conversations with their clients. For example, customer magazines:

  • increase share of expenditure by 8% amongst readers
  • increase brand loyalty by 32%
  • provide brands with opportunities to spend more time with their consumers, who spend, on average, 25 minutes actively engaged with their magazines, which is significantly more than the eight seconds looking at a poster or 20-30 seconds listening to a radio ad. In essence, it compares to fifty 30-second TV ads.

Here at Medicalwriters.com, we are firm believers in the power of great stories and engaging content. A customer magazine is a great tool for connecting with your audience. It’s a great platform for interviews with your KOLs and other people who have fascinating stories about the field in which you operate. The customer magazine is also perfect for sharing company news, and for showcasing how your products and services have made a positive impact on your customers’ lives.

The key to an interesting customer magazine is to find the right mix between company/product-related information and more ‘neutral’ or ‘generic’ articles about interesting developments or current hot topics. In a recent issue of a customer magazine, we achieved this by writing articles about different topics such as 3D printing, the Chinese Healthcare system and a step-by-step guide on ‘How to get published’. When writing about a new medical device, we focus on the information that is most interesting to the surgeon. We conduct interviews with those who have already gained experience with the device in question, focusing on the surgical technique and highlighting relevant clinical data, when available. If you want your customer magazine to survive, it is crucial that you think like a publisher and not a marketeer. Your goal is to publish valuable and relevant content to your target group – not providing a glorified sales brochure.

If you are looking for a reliable communications channel with HCPs that will keep their attention for an average of 25 minutes, get in contact and we will be happy to tell you more about how to make your customer magazine a success!



  1. Association of Publishing Agencies (APA), APA Advantage Study: proving and benchmarking the effectiveness of customer magazines. Executive summary prepared on behalf of the APA by Millward Brown, March 2005, 12 pages, http://www.apa.co.uk/uploads/apa_documents/advantage_exsum-2.pdf.


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