We are now members of the European Medical Writing Association!

Medicalwriters.com is proud to announce that we have become members of the European Medical Writing Association (EMWA). The EMWA is a network of professional medical writers and medical writing services providers that represents, supports and trains medical communications in Europe.

Since it was established in 1989, the EMWA has grown from a handful of professional biomedical communicators to a membership of more than 1000 medical writers and service providers from 39 countries, including 12 from outside Europe.

As well as providing high-quality educational and training courses, including the EMWA certificate, and social networking opportunities for its members, the EMWA has been involved in setting the highest possible standards for medical writing and medical writers when working with both companies and individuals.

Through its guidelines, which were developed using a Delphi consultation process among EMWA members and then refined through consultation, the EMWA sets out the ideal framework through which professional medical writers should develop publications. Furthermore, it affirms that medical writers have a legitimate role in developing publications.

“In fact, medical writers can raise the quality of publications by bringing to the process language and communication skills, expertise in presenting data, understanding of publication guidelines and conventions, or time which investigators may lack,” say EMWA guideline authors Adam Jacobs, from Dianthus Medical Ltd, London, and Elizabeth Wager, a publications consultant from Princes Risborough, UK, in the journal Current Medical Research and Opinions. [1]

They add that medical writers can bring expertise about the requirements of journals and congresses, as well as the ethics and conventions of peer-reviewed biomedical publications. Plus, the authors state, medical writers offer skills in language, scientific communication and data presentation.

We couldn’t agree more! Find out about our medical writing services!



  1. Jacobs A, Wager E. European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) guidelines on the role of medical writers in developing peer-reviewed publications. Curr Med Res Opin 2005; 21: 317-322.


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