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Rachel Park, MA

June 2019

Rachel is a Senior Medical Communications Manager in Scientific Services with a background in health education and health sciences and a Master’s in Health Communication. She works primarily with educational materials, both as content creator and project manager. Her passion is to produce information that is meaningful and practical for healthcare professionals and patients.

Q: What do you do at

I’m a Senior Medical Communications Manager in Scientific Services. I lead and develop content for a range of education-based projects with a focus on practical materials that help patients understand their conditions and help healthcare professionals communicate with their patients and provide better care. I am also the project manager for other projects and programs, such as Brainwork, an educational platform for neurologists. Brainwork provides neurologists access to accredited CME e-learning courses, highlights from international congresses, and video interviews from world-renowned specialists.

Q: What’s your favorite project?

We are developing handbooks for nurses who care for patients with rare diseases such as immunodeficiencies and hypoparathyroidism. The handbooks show the patient journey throughout the disease cycle, and what the nurses and patients can expect at each touchpoint. We include checklists and communication aids on how to have fruitful conversations with patients. At we constantly strive to design and produce creative ways to reach our audience, whether that be researchers, health care professionals, patients, or others who need the information.

Q: What do you look for in future colleagues?

Culturally, we are a very diverse agency. We speak many different languages, and we’re from many different countries. I look for cultural fit—a high level of energy and enthusiasm, someone who is excited about their work. I also consider their adaptability.

Q: What else is unique about compared to other places you’ve worked?

The openness of the processes and the people. When you have an idea, you have the opportunity to say it to the right people where it will make an impact. Though we are growing, we are maintaining that team-oriented philosophy where all members have opportunities for career growth and influence. is the agency for someone with an entrepreneurial spirit who wants to spark change in the field of medical communications.

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