MedComms Innovation from the Ground Up

Lorraine Cane, MSc

June 2019

A three-year veteran at, Lorraine is a Senior Project Manager on the Client Services team. She thrives on building deep and ongoing relationships with clients in the public and private sectors. Lorraine has a bachelor’s in biochemistry and a master’s in science in management. In, she has found an agency that encourages her to use all her knowledge and skills—marketing, communications, event planning, and medical and health science.

Q: Can you say more about what attracts you to How would you describe the culture?

I am inspired when I walk into the office and see my colleagues working so passionately. I know that now I am part of something big—not necessarily big in size, but big in purpose, big in vision. is not an average agency. You’re definitely not a number here. You feel useful.


Q: How would you describe the other team members?

What stands out at is how smart everybody is, and I don’t mean just in their own fields. Everyone is well-educated and well-rounded. There are so many great ideas flying around.


Q: What’s new at

We started as a small group of passionate medical communications experts. We have been working tirelessly to build the recognition and respect we are now enjoying. When my manager and I recently walked through the corridors of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, they knew exactly who we were! They greeted us like old friends and colleagues. This is new for us, and it’s very gratifying.


Q: What would you tell someone who wants to sign on with

If you want to make your mark in medical communications, to be part of something that is evolving at an incredible pace and is about to go big, then come on board. We strive for creativity and innovation every day, and the leadership is open to what everyone has to say. Many firms say they are open, but truly is. We have a great vision for the future of medical communications, and we are out on the leading edge making that happen.

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