Agile Thinking and a Fresh Perspective in Medical Communications

Jared Ou-Young, MSc

June 2019

With a background in cardiac clinical research, Jared is a Medical Communications Manager who works across Client and Scientific Services. He creates scientific content while communicating with clients to manage projects and add value to client relationships.

Q: Where do you fit in at

We have three integrated departments: Creative Services, Scientific Services, and Client Services. I work across Client Services and Scientific Services. Creative Services makes beautiful illustrations and animations to visualize complex scientific information. Scientific Services consists of PhD-trained medical writers who focus on content development. Client Services is responsible for client communications, strategic planning, commercial activities, and project management.


Q: How is different from other places you’ve worked?

It’s very much the ethos that you make your own destiny here, and you take that out-of-the-box thinking into projects with you. We are encouraged and empowered to come up with exciting solutions, no matter who we are on the project team.


Q: What’s a typical career path in your role?

I’d turn that around and say, “Where do you want to go? What do you want to do?”  The beauty of is that what you want to do goes a long way toward determining your role. We are a company with two offices, one in Zurich and one in New York. If you’re energetic and show you’re motivated, there’s room to grow. Because our structure is fairly flat, we think of growth as professional development and skillset building rather than climbing the ladder.


Q: What is your elevator speech for someone who wants to sign on with

At, we go about our jobs with hunger, quiet confidence, intelligence, and a sense of humility. Good work breeds more good work.

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