Is it time for the pharmaceutical and medical device companies to join the brand wagon?

The first rule of business is that you have to have customers. The second is that you have to make a profit. The biotech, pharma and medical device companies have no shortage of customers, and they continue to enjoy hefty profit margins. But the future of this industry is uncertain in the extreme. The companies face pressure from all directions, and many will struggle with maintaining past profitability levels of + 20%. Read more

International Cartilage Repair Society chooses as the medical writing provider for patient education project

We are pleased to announce that our agency has been chosen as the medical writing provider for the new patient eduction project of the International Cartilage Repair Society. The mission of the International Cartilage Repair Society is to advance science & education in cartilage repair worldwide.

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Our medical writers don’t seem to stop writing. When they’re not busy turning your research findings, product descriptions and economic viability studies into compelling and appealing documents, they’re back at their keyboards, blogging away. Read more