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Do medical device companies understand orthopaedic surgeons?

It’s relatively easy to create a brochure, website or exhibition describing your medical device product — list the technological innovations that make the device safer, easier to use and better-performing. Although these features are important, focusing exclusively on communicating them may not actually be convincing surgeons and administrators to purchase and use your devices. Websites, […]

A matter of standards in reporting medical outcomes

Anyone who has read a paper published in a biomedical journal before, say, the 1960s would initially be surprised not only by the less formal, more conversational style of the text but also by the rather vague and ambiguous presentation of the findings. The Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion (IMRAD) format medical writers and researchers […]

Staking your reputation on a medical claim

One important aspect of writing a manuscript that every medical writer should keep in mind, aside from accurately portraying the clinical research findings of course, is to make it memorable. In other words, the ‘message’ should be as compelling, clear and thought-provoking as possible, and the text shouldn’t get too bogged down in exploring every […]

The long road to democracy in medical publishing

The question of where a medical writer or clinician should submit their clinical research paper for publication is one of constant evolution and occasional revolution. Once upon a time, but in reality only twenty years ago, medical science journals were published exclusively in print by prestigious houses that acted as both curators and guardians of […]